Essential Guide To Hiring A Car And Driver in India

Airport Cab Service - Delhi, Gurgaon, Moradabad, Ahmedabad, Bangalore
Airport Cab Service - Delhi, Gurgaon, Moradabad, Ahmedabad, Bangalore

In contrast to most countries, when you rent a car in India it is likely that you will include a driver with it! Naturally, this will take some time to get used to, particularly when it’s your first time into India and you’ve never done this before. Here’s what you should be aware of.

Why Hire a Car and Driver?
Why not just rent an automobile and drive yourself? Take a train or plane? or take a tour? Hire a driver and car is ideal for travelers who need the freedom to choose their travel plans, as well as convenience of travel. You’ll have the freedom to go to places that are interesting to you, and not need to be concerned about getting to and from the location. Although options to rent autos without drivers are increasing in India however, driving on your own is not advised for mental health or safety concerns, as roads are typically in poor state and road regulations are often not adhered to in India. Traveling by plane or train is ideal for long distances, but with little to see between. If you’re looking to explore the various states like Rajasthan, Delhi or Kerala and you want to travel with a car and driver is perfect sense.

How Much Does it Cost?
The cost will be based on the kind of vehicle and whether or not the driver is fluent in English (these drivers generally will cost more). The cost is per mile, and you’ll need to pay a minimum amount per each day (usually between 250 and 300 km) regardless of how far you travel. The prices for every type of vehicle differ according to company, as well as city and state, but this is an approximate estimation:

Small Car typically one with air conditioning Tata Indica, starting from around 10 rupees per mile. It’s less expensive to hire an advanced car instead of one of the shabby old Ambassadors that will cost around 15 rupees for each kilometer. The cars can comfortably accommodate two passengers, however they can accommodate four.

Medium Car -Typically an Toyota Innova SUV or Mahindra Xylo with prices starting at 13 rupees for a kilometer. The cars can comfortably accommodate four people, but they can also accommodate six.
Large Car — typically it is a Tempo Traveller. Prices start at 18 rupees per mile. These special vehicles are similar to mini buses that can accommodate as many as 10 passengers. They can also be larger.
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